From: Karl Schneider
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Dec 17 1997 1:52:16 pm
Subject: doubting gods
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On (17 Dec 97) J. Shaughnessy wrote to Karl Schneider...

KS> Tell you what.  Produce some evidence of one or more gods and I'll
KS> have a look.  You can do that, can't you?

JS> The proof, as I have explained to others is life.  Look around

Why do fundies have so damned much trouble reading a simple sentence?
Where did I ask for 'proof'?

JS> you...ou have the Christian and none / anti-christians...Christians
JS> talk of life in the spirit and the anti-christian talk of how the
JS> Christian of a two hundred years ago killed in the name of God...or

Most of us also tend to notice the killings 'in the name of God' that
go on right now, too.  In fairness, I note that not ALL are done by
'Christians' (whatever that means...)

JS> off onto tirades of evolution...

Some of us do tirades about gravity, physics, and other facts, too.

JS> The proof Karl is that one learns to live in and by the Spirit and not

Here it is with 'proof' again.  Are you really that incapable of
reading a simple question?

JS> from the mind.  Most reject God because they can not reason it out.

Reason 'what' out?  A 'logic' of an omniscient superman who is recorded
to have committed genocide on several occasions?  Who 'creates' a
world full of easily observed facts that contradict it's own existence?
Who orders wholesale murder on a regular basis?

JS> It is the proof in its self but the reasoning mind is blind to the
JS> spirit until the person, by simply yeilding, says I believe, by faith
JS> that God is.. Then he is a rewarder of those with His Spirit.

A 'reasoning mind' is also blind to the reality of the Tooth Fairy
unless it chooses to cast away that reason and accept nonsense purely
on 'faith'.  It's a hell of a sloppy way to run a universe, if that's
the way it works, and I have no interest in dealing with anything
that deceitful.  If you do, go for it.

... His brain is a 360k floppy in dire need of formatting.

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