From: Joe Seatter
To: Karl Schneider
Date: Aug 26 1998 2:13:08 pm
Subject: Pagan and PISSED! :)
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-=> Quoting Karl Schneider to Steve Asher <=-

SA> >Everyone probably is familiar with the Pagan-American Princess Fit
SA> that<BR> >Disney inspired in me with their Black Cauldron promotion.

SA> Well, brace<BR> >'s that time again.  Some of you at
SA> Bridges Across the<BR> >Divide and PALs won't care about a Witch
SA> getting mad at R. J. Reynolds<BR> for<BR>
KS> If you want anyone to read this crap, fix it so it's readable, idiot
KS> child.

Is the search->change function in dos edit too hard for him to figure out?

... God made me an atheist and who am I to question His divine wisdom?
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