From: George Pope
To: Jan Deboer
Date: Sep 1 1997 8:30:27 am
Subject: Nice try
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JD> GP> How is the gay relationship(speaking of terms of
JD> GP> "family" for tax benefits) any different from Aunt
JD> GP> Margot living with her niece, Susan?
JD>How is a hetero marriage relationship any different from
JD>Charlie living in an incestuous relationship with his niece Denise?

apples & oranges.. my question was in the context of explaining that
there are relationships that aren't marriage, that shouldn't get married
status benefits... your rejoinder supports my viewpoint...

Marriage is the civil recognition of the sexual union between unrelated
man and woman in what is supposed to be a lifelong exclusive & committed

Both points, above, do not fit the model.

To return to the thread's topic...  (marriage benefits/rewards from the
State, and who should qualify); my model of marriage provides benefits
to our society (a next generation, to keep the country going; if, by
accident, disease, etc., the couple is unable to produce children, they
still model the relationship that provides benefits to every member of
society(who, presumably, at some point, will want old age benefits,
which need to be paid by the next generation of workers); what benefit
to society-at-large do homosexual couples provide?  (IOW: why should my
tax dollars go to reward their relationship choice(s)? or: why would *I*
WANT my tax $ to go to reward their relationship choice? (I can answer
both questions in the case of the marriage model I define above)

At least *I*, unlike the chickenshit athiests & pagans in here, have the
guts to state straight up front what I believe & why, instead of hiding
behind a deconstructionist facade. . .

Your servant, <+]::-), "Cyberpope", servant to the King!

... Love is the shortest distance between two marriages.
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