From: Ken Teel
Date: Feb 4 1998 10:18:58 am
Subject: Re: doubting gods
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Thus spake to Ken Teel:

>Keep your eye on China my friend.  With their virtually untouched resources
>and well over a quarter of the world's population.  They will be a force
ec> to be
>reckoned with in the next twenty years.

ec> It seems like they already are.  Practically everything
ec> I own is made in fucking China.

ec> You can open up a TV set that says "Made in USA" on the back
ec> and inside you'll find bits and pieces from Pakistan,
ec> Malaysia, Mexico, Korea and so on.

ec> Stated place of manufacture means nothing anymore.  Which is
ec> OK by me.  I had a recent experience with a newer vehicular
ec> product from Detroit, and I see they're still cranking out
ec> pure shit.  We deserve what the Asian automotive industry
ec> did  to us.

Just my opinion:

More power to them.  They have lived in such intense poverty.  I have no
problem seeing them make a buck.


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