From: Marty Leipzig
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Feb 15 1998 8:47:02 am
Subject: Predation among Christain death cultists
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>  -=> Quoting Fredric Rice to J. Shaughnessy <=-

>  jbs> What it does mean is that the true Christian
> will be
>  jbs> supernaturally protected as he serves the Lord.

>  FR> How freakish.

>  FR> In fact Christians are their own worse enemy, successfully murdering
>  FR> themselves and innocent by-standers in their zeal to rape, torture,
>  FR> and murder themselves.  No freakishly delusional "protection"
>  FR> superstition saved a one of them from their own cult's predation.

>  FR> It's not called a death cult for no reason, idiot lunatic.

> Sticks and stones freddy bones!

> Your choice! I choose God! What is it you choose?

Logic, science, reality and rationality.

Unfortunately, your choice obviates all these.

...Are all idiots theists or are all theists idiots?

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