From: J. Shaughnessy
To: William Putnam
Date: Feb 15 1998 10:40:19 pm
Subject: Case #5
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-=> Quoting William Putnam to Fredric Rice <=-

WP> FREDRIC RICE spoke thusly about: Case #5

> As with most mystics and visionaries, Therese was a very pius,
> unassuming and soft-spoken person.  She obviously fit into
> the pattern of a person that might be chosen by God to be a

FR>Do you have any evidence for these deity constructs of yours?

WP> <Sigh!>  That is from Case #5.  Please note the
WP> book recommended for reading!  More of this
WP> nonsense, and I will not reply to you.  You want
WP> a meaningful discussion?  Send me meaningful
WP> replies.

Hehehehe   Bill, There is a 99.2734928374273 percent chance
that that won't happen... Just have fun and they can nash their
teeth all they want...Don't let them set you up...
Let the Spirit of God direct you to post to those that need the Word...

God bless!

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