From: J. Shaughnessy
To: Joseph Voigt
Date: Feb 15 1998 2:48:12 am
Subject: The Book of Haggai....
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-=> Quoting Joseph Voigt to J. Shaughnessy <=-

JV> Hello shag,

JV> Thursday February 12 1998 05:29, J. Shaughnessy said to Joseph Voigt:

JS> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  whaaaaa. huh?

JV> Where is the jesus prophecy at in the Book of Haggai?  You claimed
JV> there is one in that book, you know.  Why won't you tell me where it
JV> is?

Ok... You wanted to know...lets go ahead and open our bibles to the book
of Haggai  Chapter 2

By the way you sent me 14 post this mail packet...and I just wanted to
say you asked me for the prophecy of the coming messiah in each one...
Well I will answer only one time...   :)  Unless you need more!

OK...Haggai Chapter 2:....
First we start at Vs. 1 In the seventh month, on the twenty first day
of the month, came the word of the Lord by the prophet Haggai saying,

This declares that Haggai is prophecing...

Vs. 7  And I will shake all the nations, and the desire of all nations
Shall come: and I will fill this house with glory saith the
Lord of Hosts.

Well there you are....Simple enough.  This is the prophecy declaring
the coming messiah, for Jesus is the desire of all nations!!!

`God Loves you!

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