From: J. Shaughnessy
To: Rena Mcgee
Date: Jan 24 1998 4:41:56 am
Subject: doubting gods
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-=> Quoting Rena Mcgee to J. Shaughnessy <=-

JS> After several hundred wonderfully written post from your worldian
RM> ^^^^^^^^^ Y'know, that looks suspiciously like some sort of insult,
RM> you wouldn't be knowing how y'came across such a word in anything
RM> like a dictionary, would ye?

I have seen so many made up words here (what you have not seen them) from
the worldians that I thought ...what the hell....

JS> friends I am amazed at myself for not getting really vile...You know
JS> you become like those you hang out with!

RM> Well, most individuals with anything resembling common sense
RM> realize that bouncing in on people and shoving thier personal
RM> beliefs down the throats of others is not only rude, but often
RM> suicidal...

"DON"T READ THEM THEN"  Is it not clear to you that most worldians here
pant at the chance to read these post from christians...why? Do you even
know why you continually post back to me over and over again?

JS> I try to keep in the area that Jesus loves you but normally get a
JS> reply like: 'What are you fucking Jesus in the ass or something"

RM> That would probably because you are recieving the natural
RM> response of people who have absolutely no interest in your
RM> religion, and are honest enough to tell you so...

That is not the truth and you know it...  It is more than a disinterest
it is an out and out attempt at trying to hurt God by hurting people...

No one knows me, I am just a name...with a faith in God...Yet you and others
call me hateful is not just 'not having intrest' if you
believe that you are in error...but no one here will 'ever' admit to error
unless they could possiby be in error of a kind about God.

... This ain't no party...this ain't no disco...
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