From: J. Shaughnessy
To: Rena Mcgee
Date: Jan 18 1998 4:48:45 am
Subject: doubting gods
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-=> Quoting Rena Mcgee to J. Shaughnessy <=-

RM> "doubting gods!" J. Shaughnessy screamed into the night,Martin
RM> Goldberg  passed it on:01-11-98  16:51

MG> Damned straight.  What other kind is tere that means anyting?  Why
MG> believe lies when you ahve no evidence that those lies have any
MG> meaning?
JS> Let me know when you want the proof that I can give!

MG> A photo might be nice.

JS> Can you give me absolute proof you exist? Perhapts you are just
JS> dreaming all of this existance of yours...

JS> You athiests are  so shallow!
RM> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

RM> Coming from someone who insults people, refuses to answer
RM> simple questions and *giggles* that's the most ridiculous
RM> statement I've ever seen...also the most ironic...

After several hundred wonderfully written post from your worldian friends
I am amazed at myself for not getting really vile...You know you become
like those you hang out with!

I try to keep in the area that Jesus loves you but normally get a reply
'What are you fucking Jesus in the ass or something"

Now tell me how I insult people by my replies in comparison...

... By all means, let's not confuse ourselves with the facts!
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