From: J. Shaughnessy
To: God Dan
Date: Jan 8 1998 3:42:09 am
Subject: doubting gods
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-=> Quoting God Dan to J. Shaughnessy <=-

-> On 05 Jan 98  20:47:20, J. Shaughnessy got back to God Dan

JS> Sorry, wrong...I choose to love Him... And be his friend...The bible

GD> When you go out, do you go Dutch or Butch?

JS> If you had three cock roaches in the kitchen how could you tell which

GD> You are an idiot.

What Can't take a joke?    HAHAHAHAHAH   (snicker snicker)

GD> ... "I hope to express my moronhod to my utmost ability!"- J.
GD> Shaghnessy -!- OMX/Blue Wave v2.12

Well I did not say it like that...but you may with my permission post it
way if you want!  But moron hood  not hod!   K   thanks!

And my last name is spelled shaughnessy ...!!!!

... Clap on!
(clap, clap)
Clap off!
(clap@#&$NO CARRIER
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