From: J. Shaughnessy
To: Fredric Rice
Date: Jan 6 1998 3:22:12 am
Subject: doubting gods
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-=> Quoting Fredric Rice to J. Shaughnessy <=-

FR> Don Martin

JS> Don't you get tired of all those others that reject God, just like
JS> you, but say it in such stupid ways???
dm> Speaking of which, would you be so good as to _name_ the
dm> atheists you complain about asking for "proof" all the time?
FR> There.  At least two people have asked you to name some names.  Is
FR> there some reason why you couldn't?

jbs> I have told you...It was a draw into debate...

FR> Translation:  You lied.  Job 13 sends you to your goddess "Hell."


FR> Names, death cultist.  You claimed that I had taught some unnamed
FR> people to hate gods some how.  Since it is your claim, you may provide
FR> names.
FR> Is there some reason why you couldn't?

The names are there fred...But in no different terms when you post your
basic statements most hear read know it, I know it... They learn
how to give some answers from readign how you answer...Names fred?  look
the list of those will find the names.

... I refuse a battle of wits with an unarmed person!
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