From: J. Shaughnessy
To: Fredric Rice
Date: Jan 6 1998 12:42:19 am
Subject: doubting gods
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-=> Quoting Fredric Rice to J. Shaughnessy <=-

jbs> Hi again Freddie!

FR> Greetings!  Have you acquired an education in anything since you were
FR> last run out of HolySmoke by the blinding light of truth?

jbs> Hehehehe...Fred know you and your gang hear could
jbs> never run me out of here.

FR> In fact you were at least twice.  You hold the honor of being the
FR> first fundy which was ejected for being an asshole.  As you can see,
FR> since we have allowed you to remain, we have lowered our standards
FR> somewhat so that we may continue to expose the evil that is
FR> Christianity -- by allowing Christians to mouth off their own words.

Hehehehe   what was that about lying Fred!   hehehe   :)

jbs> Only by you going against your own "basic tenant" of freedom
jbs> of speech could you have a prayer in hell.

FR> Do you have any evidence for this goddess "Hel" of yours?

Hehehe   I would love to take a look at what it is that keeps your brain
it must be synthetic!

jbs> I have been browsing over the various messages here and have only
jbs> one question... for you and all the other doubting god haters.

FR> Isn't it strange how the better educated constantly ask questions of
FR> the cultists among us and, while we rarely get an honest answer, said
FR> cultists seem to feel no compunction against asking their own
FR> questions?

jbs> I find it amusing that you see the Athiest as the better educated...

FR> The death cultist didn't answer my question.  Gee.  Wonder why.

Right Jesus the "EVIL ONE"   yup!

jbs> While it is true that many of your statements about cultist groups
jbs> do hold various amounts of truth, you still miss the bigger picture.

FR> Let's see what that "big picture" entails, shall we?

FR> Which death cult holds the dictinction of haveing
(Wow  I cought you in a typo Fred    aint it amazng how it comes back to
you????  Then again you will say somthing like I added the"e"  so you can
cover your mistake...)

the highest body
FR> count and the most amount of blood on its hands.  Which death cult's
FR> priesthood holds the dictinction for being the single largest
FR> "profession" which sexually rapes children?

Not Christians... maybe religious folks for 1000 years ago...but you live
in those

realms dont ya Fred...

FR> Do you begin to see the "big picture," dear?

FR> Oh:  Since none of us believe that your gods exist, how can we hate
FR> them? Do you also hate Santa Claus?  Or do you still cling to that
FR> childish belief as well?

jbs> That could be a problem for those that have not
jbs> learned to discern truth and tradition.

FR> You didn't answer the question.  Since we both know that none of your
FR> deity constructs exist, how can the better educated hate them?

FR> Can't you just answer the question?

Nope I don't hate santa...  I have discern the differance of traditions
faith in God...big difference ya know!!!!

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