From: J. Shaughnessy
To: Lyndon Soerensen
Date: Jan 6 1998 2:24:04 am
Subject: doubting gods
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JS> I have no master but my God in whom I trust He is my lord and savior!
LS> You're beginning to sound just a _little_ shrill here.

Oh...  Sorry!

JS> Again I will say I agree with you that there are way to many religions
JS> that confuse the world more than teach truth...but that is one of the
JS> unfortunate facts of living in a world full of people who miss God.
LS> ...And your particular 'way' is the only CORRECT one. Yes?

Far from true...I could be in the absolute correct faith, church or group
believers and still make wrong choices... say wrong things or hurt others...

Would I make that truth less truth?   In a way yes, and a way no...  I am
that God alone is Good!  I make him no less God, but I am still human.

JS> I actually feel sorry for most people who learn of these other
JS> religions... especially those who are seeking for truth but find sick
JS> leaders who lead them into error.
LS> Or are they just following a different path to enlightenment?

I believe Jesus is the way truth and life... I had for many year sought
the truth in Buddism,  Jehovah's witnesses,  palm reading, and tarot cards...
None of them gave me spiritual life.

JS> I can understand why anyone would and could be skeptical....But at the
LS> No, you don't.  Otherwise you wouldn't be trying so hard to convert
LS> another.

I am incapable of converting anyone...  I simply say I am a christian...If
come to me and ask why...I can tell them my story of what I went through
and how
Jesus set me free...others come to mock and degrade God, but I see an intense
desire to know God that has been foiled by much error.

JS> the demons that you deny as well will use these issues to make coming
JS> to the saving knowledge of God all the more confusing.
LS> Is that GOD or "Gods"?

What ever one needs to believe... I believe he is One God.

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