From: J. Shaughnessy
To: Joseph Voigt
Date: Jan 6 1998 1:52:04 am
Subject: doubting gods
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-=> Quoting Joseph Voigt to J. Shaughnessy <=-

JV> Hello Jackoff....

JV> Friday December 26 1997 02:05, J. Shaughnessy said to Fredric Rice:

JS>  Only by you going against your own "basic tenant" of freedom of
JS> speech could you have a prayer in hell.

JV> I didn't know Fredric had a basic tenant.  It seems you are just lying
JV> again. Learn the difference between tenant and tenet, asshole.

Ah yes, you are the great spelling teacher!  HA!   I well rememer thet yu
espect perfecktion in the righting!

JV> don't say it was just a mistype.  Tenant and tenet are far different
JV> words.
JS> I find it amusing that you see the Athiest as the better educated...

JV> What the fuck is an athiest?

A-meaning against or anti..  Thiest-meaning God!

There is no such word, peanut-brain.

Do you think if I meet a lady with a Jelly brain we would get along?

JS> While it is true that many of your statements about cultist groups do
JS> hold various amounts of truth, you still miss the bigger picture.

JV> What you miss is an ability to spell.

Shure so watt?

JS>  She said something about how she (a christian) would 'know you' if
JS> you pasted her on the street...

JV> Gods forbid!  I wonder what would happen if Fredric pasted her on the
JV> street? Does pasting, as you use it above, mean that he would fuck her
JV> hard on the street?

Yep!   If that is your fantasy!

JS> What I am sure she meant was she would not get that feeling of love
JS> and fellowship.

JV> She probably secretly wishes she could get pasted on the street so
JV> that she might perchance actually feel love.

Something we all have some in great amounts than others as you know!

... Drop your carrier ... we have you surrounded!
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