From: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Dec 19 1997 11:47:06 pm
Subject: Re: doubting gods
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mk> From:
mk> Subject: Re: doubting gods

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>>> Don't you get tired of all those others that reject God,
>>> just like you, but say it in such stupid ways?

>> Probably as tired as some Christians get of the way you say things.
>> But, this is Holysmoke, and everyone gets to voice their opinion on
>> religion, stupid or not.  Even you.

> Not so

mk> Just so.  Say whatever you want -- the echo rules are few, and none
mk> state that you cannot say what you like about religion.

Interesting part is the way I say what I like but others take what I say
make stories out of it....that is what I mean by dealing with man or boy.

> I find it interesting however that you might well be more intelligent
> that others that I have conversed with.

mk> Is English perhaps a second language for you?


> I enjoy a good debate

mk> So what's stopping you from engaging in one?  Do you need help getting
mk> started?  Okay, here's a topic -- why should anyone believe in gods?

It is clear that man is seeking for some kind of truth!!!  That is the key
some find truth in the various forms that are tangible...since most are
used to the experience of life thru the 5 sences, they seek for truth thru
them... If you can not touch taste see feel or hear must not exist,
those that demand only scientific answers fall into this catagory.

Next would be those that have tapped into a deeper reality of the existance
life by seeking out that part of life we call intuition....hunches, but
still limit the full truth by not having a full understanding of that which
they are dealing with.   Those that go deeper often go off on strange
rabbit trails of the palm readers tarot cards or the 'TV' psychic.

Or for that matter various religious form.....there are hundreds of false
religions...where the leaders take the essence of spiritual truth but
contort it to there own needs or understandings.  Often times taking it
the extreme and drawing many away (others that seek spiritual truth), into
cults or congregations that cause a major error.  Such as the religion that
has there congregation drink poison or handle snakes... Others that believe
this or that about the bible but reject or change others...

While this in it self is a form of spiritual reality it is the mind of man
limits or denies the bigger truth of the spiritual realm.

Then there are those...that have learned to listen to the spirit of life...The
spirit of God.

Believing in 'gods' is a higher step than the scientifics but is, with out
a right leader to teach truth, prone to either learn of the various gods
of this
world, or thru frustration reject all.

Jesus said the way of life is narrow and few will travel that road...This
is the

I have been thru many years of seeking truth...I was into the palm readers
the spiritualist...I chanted in the temples and heard many men teaching
they thought to be truth....but only Jesus touched my heart so much as to
for him alone....

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