From: J. Shaughnessy
To: Karl Schneider
Date: Dec 17 1997 3:22:23 am
Subject: doubting gods
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-=> Quoting Karl Schneider to J. Shaughnessy <=-

JS> Did you know that God has a calling for your life?  I gave up the pot
JS> some years ago....
KS> Tell you what.  Produce some evidence of one or more gods and I'll
KS> have a look.  You can do that, can't you?

The proof, as I have explained to others is life.  Look around you...ou
the Christian and none / anti-christians...Christians talk of life in the
spirit and the anti-christian talk of how the Christian of a two hundred
ago killed in the name of God...or go off onto tirades of evolution...

I speak of changes of the heart that have spiritual benefits... and contrary
to what the general population believe, I have no respect for religion...
religion kills but the spirit of God brings life. I bring the good news
that is what Jesus did...he brought good news...that the kingdom of God
was to be shed abroad in man's heart.

The proof Karl is that one learns to live in and by the Spirit and not from
the mind.  Most reject God because they can not reason it out.  It is the
proof in its self but the reasoning mind is blind to the spirit until the
person, by simply yeilding, says I believe, by faith that God is.. Then
is a rewarder of those with His Spirit.

If you were once a christian you heard that alot but it never made it past
your is not the gaining of tangible proof that changes the heart it
the spirit and the Word of God.

JS> I just live my life in the plan of God now!
KS> I bet.

Me too!   :)    I bet my life on it!

... We now return to our regularly scheduled flame-throwing.
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