From: J. Shaughnessy
To: Joseph Voigt
Date: Dec 17 1997 2:41:52 am
Subject: doubting gods
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-=> Quoting Joseph Voigt to J. Shaughnessy <=-

JV> Hello J....

JV> Sunday December 14 1997 22:31, J. Shaughnessy said to Don Martin:

JS> Now now!  Mr Don...

JV> Now, now, Mr. J, calm down.

JS> You can not deny that most of these "Christians" are simply telling
JS> you a truth that you refuse to accept.

JV> You can not deny that I am simply telling you a truth about GodanGit
JV> that you refuse to accept.  GodanGit is not pleased with you at all.

JV> He has consigned you to clover hell since you fail to partake of the
JV> lovely odors wafting from his precious pristine pretty pink panties.

JS> So you say the fundies spew...

Oh I see and tell when when you finally gave your heart to Jesus!

JV> Actually, fundies splooge more often than they spew.

I see you are a maker of words as well of Splooging pretty panties tales!

JS> We Christians call it witnessing of something greater than
JS> ourselves...

JV> You try to witness to me, fuckchops, and I'll call on the demons in
JV> your head to halt your respirations and have them also cease blood
JV> flow to your diseased skull.

Mere demonic threats can do nothing but state the truth of who you are!
Besides my angels are bigger than your demons anyway!

JS> There is no individual here that is not being supported by what they
JS> know in there heart but only by what they are being fed.

JV> I know in my heart that GodanGit is going to send you a horrid whiff
JV> of his rancid odors after being fed too many bowls of chili and onions
JV> and you will forever miss out on his sweet odors.
JS> A Christian, however, can stand alone, by the leading of the Spirit
JS> of God to declare knowledge.

JV> Stand alone then and await the spit of god.  GodanGit is not happy
JV> that you will not declare knowledge of his aroma.

Run out of intellectual statements are ready????  tisk tisk!

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