From: Joe Martin
To: Laurie Appleton
Date: Sep 6 1998 7:43:51 am
Subject: Evil God-haters.
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Salutations Laurie!

[05-Sep-98 15:12:28] [Laurie Appleton to Joe Martin]
[Subject: Evil God-haters.]

la>> ... In other words the very
la>> Person which the world needed most was murdered by the
la>> followers of evil and God-haters!

JM>> So, now the Jews are evil God-haters.  Next you'll be
JM>> advocating that the holocaust was a hoax an that Hitler really
JM>> didn't have 6,000,000 jews killed.

la> Ah, so you are one of those who is always eagerly searching for
la> excuses to accuse others of racism eh? Isn't that what you are

I didn't bring up racism, you did... But since you are on the topic perhaps
you would care to explain what you meant by this:
Date : Sat Jul 01, 10:26
From : Laurie Appleton                                         3:640/101
To   : Steve Asher

LA>   Why not start with the alleged Holocaust? One book I have
LA> read referring to it is entitled; "The Hoax of the Twentieth
LA> Century".

SA> The events in Nazi Germany and occupied Europe towards the Jews,
SA> and the attempt at "ethnic cleansing" [got the right ring, has it?]
SA> known as the "Holocaust" are not alleged mistreatment - they are
SA> fact. Which revisionist bookshop do you recommend? Heritage? :)

la>    How did you decide that the Holocaust was a fact, Steve? Was
la> it the result of reading Zionist propaganda? What have you got
la> against the Heritage bookshop and are you suggesting that any
la> books that they sell are just a pack of lies and falshood?
So?  Was the Hohocaust a hoax or a fact, Laurie?  You seem to be leaning
the hoax side rather heavily, don't you?

JM>> Hmmm.  God's chosen people are God-Haters and EVIL and Jesus
JM>> killers!

la> That is ignorant and twisted bilge, since most of the first
la> Christians were Jews.

Jesus was a jew, Laurie... So?   It was the jews who put Jesus to death.
what you are saying is... He was "murdered by the  followers of evil
and God-haters!" No twisting there just your words.  Which equates as
follows:              .
Jews killed Jesus  .   .  Jews = evil God-haters

-= Joe =-

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