From: Joe Martin
To: Laurie Appleton
Date: Sep 28 1998 5:53:10 pm
Subject: Evil God-haters.
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Salutations Laurie!

[18-Sep-98 10:44:30] [Laurie Appleton to Joe Martin]
[Subject: Evil God-haters.]

la> Hi Joe, (Re: yours of 12-Sep-1998, "Evil God-haters!")

la>> So where do YOU stand in this matter?

JM>> I don't consider the fact of his death all that important
JM>> compared to the message that he brought.

la> You appear to be a cruel and heartless creep then! So what was
la> this "message" that you claim that Jesus brought?

Oh, I forgot... You are so busy tending to the first two chapters of Genesis
to actually take note of what was said by Jesus.  For someone who professes
to be a Christian, you seem to be rather lacking in any knowledge of its
tenets, much less its actual practice.  Your preamble to the question above
is clearly not a statement I have seen *real* Christians use in making such
an inquiry.

JM>> But that is another subject for discussion. We are still trying
JM>> to get an answer to the question on whether or not Laurie
JM>> Appleton considers the Jews "evil God-haters"... Well?

la> Only a brainless moron would blame all Jews at the time, let
la> alone all Jews since then, as being guilty of the Crucifiction!

What you seem to be saying then is that you blame all the jews at the time
for the crucifiction.  Thank you for clearing that up for us.

la> On the other hand all jews and all other people who believed,
la> and still believe that Jesus was rightly and justly done to
la> death, are effectively just as guilty morally as those who
la> performed the deed!

la>> Do you agree with those who WERE responsable for His
la>> death or do you too regard them as hideous monsters?

JM>> You first, Dick!  Just remember... It was the Jews who killed
JM>> him.

la> Nonsense. It was the Roman soldiers!

John 19:14-15

... and he saith unto the jews, "Behold, your king", But they cried out,
"Away with him, Away with him, Crucify him"

also  Luke 23:21 ...Mark 15:13 ...Math 27:22

So who was it who WERE responsable for His death... The Jews!

= Joe =-

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