From: Joe Martin
To: Laurie Appleton
Date: Sep 12 1998 3:59:49 pm
Subject: Evil God-haters!
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Salutations Laurie!

[12-Sep-98 09:13:24] [Laurie Appleton to Joe Martin]
[Subject: Evil God-haters!]

JM>> I didn't bring up racism, you did...

la> Of course you brought it up as soon as you jumped onto the
la> holocaust line.

I'm not the one advocating that the Holocaust was a hoax, Laurie...
you are.

JM>> But since you are on the topic perhaps you would care to
JM>> explain what you meant by this:

la> Just the opposite. It is you who is making a song and dance
la> about it.

Well, sing up!  What did you mean by this ...

LA>> Why not start with the alleged Holocaust? One book I have read
LA>> referring to it is entitled; "The Hoax of the Twentieth
LA>> Century".

SA>> The events in Nazi Germany and occupied Europe towards the
SA>> Jews, and the attempt at "ethnic cleansing" [got the right
SA>> ring, has it?] known as the "Holocaust" are not alleged
SA>> mistreatment - they are fact. Which revisionist bookshop do you
SA>> recommend? Heritage? :)

la>> How did you decide that the Holocaust was a fact, Steve? Was it
la>> the result of reading Zionist propaganda? What have you got
la>> against the Heritage bookshop and are you suggesting that any
la>> books that they sell are just a pack of lies and falshood?
la> -----------------------------------------------------------------

JM>> So?  Was the Hohocaust a hoax or a fact, Laurie?  You seem to
JM>> be leaning to the hoax side rather heavily, don't you?

la> Perhaps you should read the book for yourself, since the subject
la> seems to appealing to you so much?

I have no need to read Neo-Nazi crap.  I have original photos and first
reports from a relative who helped liberate Dachau.  But you on the other
hand will probably want the book installed as a creationist History textbook.

JM>>> Hmmm.  God's chosen people are God-Haters and EVIL and Jesus
JM>>> killers!

la>> That is ignorant and twisted bilge, since most of the first
la>> Christians were Jews.

JM>> Jesus was a jew, Laurie... So?  It was the jews who put Jesus
JM>> to death.  So what you are saying is... He was "murdered by the
JM>> followers of evil and God-haters!"

la> It was NOT the Jews who put Jesus to death,

Oh?   What religion were they then?  Hindu?  Buddhist?  Cant't blame this
one on the Shi'ite terrorists... they didn't show up for another 600 years.
Maybe it was a Paulian conspiricy!!  You like to invoke conspiricy when
are backed into a corner.  Is that it Laurie!?

la> So where do YOU stand in this matter?

I don't consider the fact of his death all that important compared to
the message that he brought. But that is another subject for discussion.
We are still trying to get an answer to the question on whether or not
Laurie Appleton considers the Jews "evil God-haters"... Well?

la> Do you agree with those
la> who WERE directly responsible for His death or do you too regard
la> them as hideous monsters?

You first, Dick!  Just remember... It was the Jews who killed him.

-= Joe =-

... God has no religion  -Ghandi
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