From: Joe Martin
To: Laurie Appleton
Date: Aug 29 1998 12:07:02 am
Subject: Evil God-haters
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Salutations Laurie!

[28-Aug-98 09:09:04] [Laurie Appleton to Jan Deboer]
[Subject: Blind Watchmaker.]

JD>> Why don't you go and feed the multitudes of the homeless from a
JD>> single order of fish and chips, or something equally useful.

la> The only one that I know about that could do that was crucified
la> by people who seemed to be your sort!! In other words the very
la> Person which the world needed most was murdered by the followers
la> of evil and God-haters!

So, now the Jews are evil God-haters.  Next you'll be advocating that the
holocaust was a hoax an that Hitler really didn't have 6,000,000 jews

la> It seems that such murderers and those who have continually
la> supported them and their actions, will have a lot to answer for
la> sooner or later.

Hmmm.   God's chosen people are God-Haters and EVIL and Jesus killers!

Everyone who has had hunger, ill health and
la> pain and suffering can blame the God-haters for it!

Sure, Laurie... Just like Adolf, try to blame the ills of the world and
society on the Jews!

-= Joe =-

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