From: Sean McCullough
To: Jan Deboer
Date: Mar 15 1998 4:11:26 pm
Subject: Star Goat! / Swaggart
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> On 09 Mar 98  12:29:12 wrote to Curtis Johnson...

>  j> Graham has been honest about where the money goes.

> Really? His _PERSONAL_ fortune was just 'lucky investing'!
> BWAHAHAHA! I'm SURE not one penny of contributions EVER
> went into making him a multi-millionaire! Perish the thought.

Actually, there IS a case for Graham being SLIGHTLY more honest than, say,
Jimmy Swaggart.

Graham wrote many books, some of which became best-sellers. In all likelihood,
this is where most of the man's personal wealth came from.

At least he was honest enough to SELL the books as his personal artistic
creations rather than claim these sales as "contributions".

Perhaps Sue Armstrong's claim here -- that the creations are still licit
properties, salable to whosoever'll buy at whatever price they'll pay --
has some validity here.

It doesn't change the fact that ANYBODY selling the Biblical God is STILL
a fraud and a charlatan, however.

slack -- s.

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