From: Sean McCullough
To: Judith Bandsma
Date: Feb 13 1998 8:04:14 pm
Subject: CASE #5
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> Not the cases you cite that happened before the church's acceptance of
> psychiatry and psychology as legitimate sciences and not heresies. Come
> to think of it, have they EVER accepted the mental disciplines?

Yes, they have.

In fact, the role of the Holy See in recent days with respect to ALL claimed
"miracles" is quite interesting.

They are among the best allies we heathens have.

The Congregation on the Propagation of the Faith has a permanent mission
to DEBUNK miracles (or, in the RCC's terms, "bogus miracles").

And in the past 50 years, they've been REALLY good at it!!

"Why has the Holy See not approved any outright miracles since WWII,

> You remain a deluded asshole.

Definitely deluded......

>  -=>William Putnam said WHAT to Judith Bandsma <=-

>  WP> Judith, she laid in a damp grave for at least 30
>  WP> years (if memory serves me) before she was placed

> It doesn't.

You mean that ALL the claims Willie makes here are bogus, or just specific

slack -- s.

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