From: Sean McCullough
To: William Putnam
Date: Feb 9 1998 8:41:33 pm
Subject: Case #5
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>                       THERESE NEUMANN

>                  THERESE NEUMANN
>                Mystic and Stigmatist
>                Adalbert Albert Vogl
>                TAN Books and Publishers
>                ISBN: 0-89555-241-8

> I would only add that one must see the color photographs!

No book liable to be published by Tan can rightly be considered as evidence
for ANYTHING unless corroborated. Tan Books is a blatantly Catholic BELIEVING
publishing house. It is no more to be relied upon without corroboration
than is Focus on the Family, and for the exact same reason.

(Tan, however, is HONEST enough to admit its status as a profit business,
however. This does show in its favor.)

Again, I remind you that the Roman Catholic Church ITSELF has had ever fewer
successes in officially verifying miracles as time goes on and rational
explanations become ever easier to obtain.

*NO* miracles, officially accepted by the Church as such, have come from
Lourdes since 1960, and only ONE since World War II. This DESPITE the fact
that MORE phenomena are submitted for examination than ever before in history.

Why is this, William??

slack -- s.

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