From: Martin Goldberg
To: William Putnam
Date: Feb 27 1998 8:51:17 pm
Subject: Re: CASE #5
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WP> Heeheeheeheehee!  Now tell me a nice clean
WP> joke and I will laugh with you, Hec.

A line of nuns is outside the Pearly Gates waiting to be admitted to heven.
St. Peter calls out to them that they will all have to make confession before
they enter heaven so he can absolve their sins.

St. Pete: What is your confession Sister Agnes?
Sis Ag: I once touched a man's penis
St. Pete: Dip your finger in holy water and enter.  What is your confession
Sister Mary?
Sis Mary: I once masturbated a man.
St. Pete: Dip your hand in holy water and enter.

Now there is some pushing and shoving in line with elbows flying and a lot
of loud discussion.

St. Pete: What seems to be the trouble, Sister Irene?
Sis Irene: I want to go in front of Sister Margaret.  I don't wnat to drink
that stuff after she's had her ass in it.

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