From: Moderator
To: All
Date: Feb 8 1999 9:00:52 pm
Subject: Monthly Echo Guidelines
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Re: HOLYSMOKE Echo Guidelines
Basic Disclaimer:

The opinions expressed in this echo are those of the writers
identified in the header of each message.  No other responsibility
is expressed or implied for the content of the messages in this echo.

Rules to Follow:

[1] Please refrain from attempting to force your ideas on others,
or to be deliberately disruptive in the echo.  Those who engage
in such activity may find their feed to this echo terminated.

[2] As is customary in echomail, private messages are not allowed.

[3] If you wish to post messages on this echo please try to keep
your comments and ideas on a rational level.  This will help
to facilitate an open and free flowing dialogue.  Please refrain
from entering statements like "I know I'm right and everyone who
thinks otherwise is stupid!" or "You're gonna burn in hell if you
don't accept god."

Such messages only serve to irritate others, and do little
more than to raise the noise level of the echo.

[4] Attempt to quote only relevant text, in order to make your
messages more legible, and to lessen the burden on those
who pay to move each byte posted in this conference.

[5] Deliberate censorship of wording contained within a quote
attributed to another in this echo is expressly forbidden.

[6] The users, J. Shaughnessy (aka "J.B. Shaughnessy," "JBS," and
others) and Samuel Lee are permanently banned from this echo.
Do not reply to his messages, unless you do so via netmail.

Echo Purpose:  (To let you hear what you just said) ;-)

This echo provides an open forum where one can argue for or against
religion(s).  Both religious and anti-religious views are allowed.
Atheists, agnostics, religious right-wingers, bible babblers,
bible bashers, preachers of doom, echovangelists, conservatives,
liberals and those with (hopefully curable) crucifixation are welcome
in HOLYSMOKE.  (As long as they abide by the guidelines above!)

Enjoy and happy debating!

Styx Allum, Moderator (1:152/20)
P.O. Box 5150
Eugene, OR 97405-0150

Steve Quarrella, Co-Moderator (1:124/9005)

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