From: David Worrell
To: Alan Presley
Date: Sep 16 1997 2:37:03 am
Subject: cults
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14 Sep 97 16:35, Alan Presley wrote to Alan Hess:

AH> AP>> Christianity or God... Who really cares???  If there was no
AH> AP>> hope in life, I would be living it up if there was no one
AH> AP>> above me to set down the rules.  You and I have someone to
AH> AP>> answer to.  Whether you acknowledge it now or not, you will
AH> AP>> eventually... but it will be to late.

AH>> If you don't wake up from your Jesus delusion, Zeus' messenger
AH>> Superman will slowly squash you in his Krypton bear hug.  A
AH>> terrible way to spend to spend eternity.

AP> Is that the most intelligent thing you can say?

Given that what Alan said was quite similar to what you said (all he really
changed were the names), you should probably ask yourself that question.

Do you fundies get some kind of perverse pleasure from debunking yourselves?

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