From: God Dan
To: Dave Hamilton
Date: Sep 12 1998 2:43:19 pm
Subject: Salt
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-> On 11 Sep 98  06:41:22, Dave Hamilton got back to God Dan

GD> and eject the child.  The police come and escort the child
GD> back to their houses, not the school.

DH> Nice to see some common sense persist.

A child needs to learn.  Any child interferring with the right
to learn by other children needs to be separated from those
accept the challnge.

DH> We seem here to be consigning
DH> minor children (who have no legal responsibility at all) with the
DH> rights to be assholes. That should be reserved for adults.

And, those adults that ignore their responsibility to their children
deserve the title of "asshole".

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