From: God Dan
To: Dave Hamilton
Date: Sep 10 1998 10:42:48 pm
Subject: Salt
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-> On 08 Sep 98  06:49:36, Dave Hamilton got back to God Dan

GD> The answer to that is easy:  Any misuse of seat belts and the offender

GD> is barred from riding the bus.

DH> The best of luck getting that one passed. They tried giving some
DH> authority to the bus drivers in Ontario with the result that the
DH> parents reniged when it came to support.

In Sequim, the bus driver is god.  A child cannot ride the bus
unless the bus driver says so.  There are no if's and's or but's.
The child that wants to be reinstated as a rider has to jump
through a lot of hoops to get back on board.

DH> None of this stops them from going wild on the bus. The drivers
DH> that can handle a bus in winter weather with all hell breaking
DH> loose inside deserve some kind of medals, if not higher pay.

Drivers there in that position have been know to stop the bus
and eject the child.  The police come and escort the child
back to their houses, not the school.

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