From: God Dan
To: Dave Hamilton
Date: Sep 7 1998 1:21:37 pm
Subject: Salt
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-> On 05 Sep 98  18:07:08, Dave Hamilton got back to God Dan

GD> The last I heard, seats belts are only optional equipment on
GD> school buses in this country.

DH> Depending upon the strength and composition of the seats, they
DH> are illegal here. Tests since the 70's have shown that inside
DH> a bus moving at relatively slow speeds, kids are better off flying
DH> than being crushed by other seats containing other kids.

It makes me fee so "proud" to live in a country that doesso
much(?) forthe safety of ourkids.

DH> that the danger of loose unused seatbelts during normal operation
DH> and they have better odds without them.

The answer to that is easy:  Any misuse of seat belts and the offender
is barred from riding the bus.

... We doan GOT no steenking eveedence...(cretinist motto)
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