From: God Dan
To: Steve Asher
Date: Sep 1 1998 12:21:20 am
Subject: Pagan and PISSED! :)
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-> On 30 Aug 98  11:47:59, Steve Asher got back to Jitender

J> Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull

SA> "Murray, the all powerful demonic skull" appears to be a couple of
SA> chops short of a picnic.

You don't even have the charcoal, UFO-nut.

SA>Apologies for the HTML coding...but wanted this to hit the net quickly...
J> I don't recollect any browser or editor that comes without the Save
J> As option.

J> You could have used that you know.

SA> If it is an issue for you, take it up with Herb Mitchell, who took it

Too bad the quote "Apologies for the HTML coding' are from you, Ashole.

SA> I merely copied it from NEW_AGE_ECHO to HOLYSMOKE using Timed, leaving
SA> the HTML and the apology intact.

And, you fucked it up.  Quelle surpris?  Non!

... Steve Asher is not a complete idiotÄÄseveral parts are missing.
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