From: God Dan
Date: Aug 10 1998 11:16:34 pm
Subject: Salt
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-> On 10 Aug 98  08:03:06, JUDITH BANDSMA got back to CURTIS JOHNSON

JB> I use salt mostly here in the office where Mama cat lives. Sprays
JB> and foggers don't cut it with computer equipment...even covered. So
JB> the salt goes down and gets renewed about once a week.

On the floor out of the container?

JB> bad reaction to it. He gets Advantage. We tried to get it on Mama
JB> but she's a feral who lives inside now but is still not going to
JB> accept a lot of handling.

On this, do you mean that you you a salt spray on the cats/dogs?

Seems like the fleas are getting to the critters around here and
how you use salt to control them will help a lot!


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