From: God Dan
To: Jim Staal
Date: Mar 10 1998 12:56:14 pm
Subject: Star Goat! / Swaggart
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-> On 08 Mar 98  07:13:47, Jim Staal got back to God Dan

GD> Ask Tammy Faye why she divorced Bakker, Staal.

JS> Cause he was in prison and she wanted to maintain her lifestyle? Not
JS> one mention of any of the above mentioned pholkes have their dick up
JS> some boy's a**.

Too bad, Bozo.  Bakker was caught by Tammy fucking his security guard
up the ass.  That was before your Bro Bakker was sent to prison.

JS> And especially besmirching the good name of brother
JS> Graham.

And, you direct lineage to him is: <>  ?

... If brains were taxed, Jim Staal'd get a rebate.
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