From: God Dan
To: William Putnam
Date: Feb 16 1998 12:48:21 am
Subject: CASE #5
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-> On 14 Feb 98  14:31:00, William Putnam got back to God Dan

WP> I will not reply to your posts with
WP> that kind of profanity!

GD>What kind of profanity will you reply to?

WP> All you have seen me fail to respond to.

You are a hoot, Willy.  Explain how you know what profanity is so
we really know that a particular word is profane.  Provide some
examples of those words.

WP> fail to respond to posts that are frivolous,
WP> nonsensical, and generally a put-down and
WP> ad hominin in nature.

You have a big problem then, Willy.  Everything in this message is
in downright seriousness.

Now, provide us with a list of profane words.

... You are the fundy.  You have the inability to think
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