From: Sue Alexander
To: Steph Parker
Date: Aug 30 1998 11:45:31 pm
Subject: Salt
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-=> Quoting Steph Parker to Sue Alexander <=-

SP>> I have heard that mosquitoes don't like people with 'O' type
SP>> blood maybe fleas are similar.

DH>> I must confess to not knowing any of the blood types in my
DH>> family including my own.

SA>      Unless this is a very broad generalization, I can tell you
SA> that it is not true... mosquitoes seem to like me.  ;(

SP> According to the guy on the radio the test was done on a group of
SP> peole in a room and then they tested the blood in the mosquitoes with
SP> 'O' type blood being a lower percentage of the blood in the mosquitoes
SP> relative to the blood in the people.

There are alot of problems with that study if it is as you
present it here.  First, how large of an area was tested, and how large
of an area was the population study of ABO typing taken in?  I know for
a fact that only a few miles can change your ABO population mix
dramatically.  In some cities in Northern Wisconsin you are more likely
to find type B blood on the shelf than type A due to the immigrant mix
that makes up that town.  The next town over might be more likely to
have a mix closer to national averages.

If the ABO typings were not compared in the specific area the
mosquitoes were collected in, the differences could be explained by the
grouping of ABO types in various locales.

Also, were there any studies done to show whether type O blood
survived as long in mosquitoes as types A or B?  Type A and type B blood
have more in common with each other that either has with type O blood.

As you heard this on the radio, we cannot ask for references.
However, you may want to reconsider your "take" on the study.


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