From: Marilyn Burge
To: Al Schroeder
Date: Mar 14 1996 6:57:11 am
Subject: Who's who...
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On (09 Mar 96) Al Schroeder wrote to Lon S. Mabon...

AS> LSM> Interesting origin lines here, folks. Keep tabs on those
AS> LSM> posting times, Fredric...this just might be a new
AS> LSM> 'staal' alias:

AS> Jim. Enough games.

You may have noticed the bit I posted last Sunday about the real
Long Mabon and his floundering "organization." Well, yesterday's
Oregonian had a real doozie in it. Gordon Smith used his own money
to run in the primary for Packwood's vacated Senate seat. He spent
about $2 million and lost the general election to a Democrat, Ron
Wyden. He has since announced that he won't vie for Hatfield's
Senate seat, which will be vacated when he retires at the end of
this term. He says that if he can't be Wyden, he can't beat
anybody (not a very flattering a thing for a Christian to publicly
say, but he said it). Other news items have suggested that Smith
might have beaten Wyden if he had distanced himself earlier from
the OCA's endorsement. He did say in the Voter's Pamphlet that he
did not share their views or agenda, but the endorsement made the
front page of the Oregonian, which is hard to miss on the
newsstands, and not every voter reads the Voter's Pamphlet. Then,
of course, there was the time lag; he didn't IMMEDIATELY
repudiate that endorsement, which is what he should have done.

The Republican Party managed to talk Smith into rethinking his
position regarding that seat and promised to bankroll him for the
race. Anyway, Lonnie announced in the Oregonian yesterday that he
was running AGAINST Smith in the primaries for the Hatfield seat.

I'm assuming Lonnie is using OCA money for that little venture.
I'm not sure how legal it is for him to collect money for one
purpose and use it for another, but that's what he's doing. If the
membership of that organization has shrunk as much as all the news
stories suggest, he'll bleed the OCA dry in nothing flat, and
we'll be rid of 'em. Breaks my heart.

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