From: Marilyn Burge
To: Steve Quarrella
Date: Jan 26 1996 8:19:05 am
Subject: dipstick sees UFO...
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On (25 Jan 96) Steve Quarrella wrote to George Rudzinski...

SQ> Then, pray tell, what was your curriculum for obtaining your
SQ> degree?

SQ> I have a mail out to a cousin of mine (who's finishing up his
SQ> MA in English), hoping he can tell me what kind of degree one
SQ> can get in English without having had to read any literature.
SQ> I expect a one-word reply: "Associate's."

Interestingly enough, a prof at Portland State University is suing
nine of his colleagues.  The details are a bit sketchy in the
newspaper account of the why of it, but it seems to boil down to
the fact that he is a traditionalist when it comes to curriculum,
and he is about the only one left in the department.  Even the
department head is a radical feminist who thinks that Alice
Walker is "fine art."  He claims that he's been systematically
undercut in his efforts to teach classical literature over the
years as other classicists have either not been replaced when
they retired or died, or have been replaced with a more PC
professor.  When asked why he doesn't just resign and move on
to another school, his reply was that he has an obligation
to his students to keep some exposure to the classical writers
in the curriculum at PSU, and that if he leaves he too will be
replaced with another PC prof.  Also, he says that the PC'ers
have so completely taken over the Ivy League schools that it
is nearly impossible to get a job in the field anywhere in the
country and not be faced with the same problem.

Christina Hoff Summers speaks at length about this problem in
all the humanities departments, not just the English departments,
in her book _Who Stole Feminism?_.  Maybe, just maybe Staal got
his "English Education" at one of the many schools that has
completely lost sight of what an education is.

I'm sure there are many fundy schools that think "indoctrination"
and "education" are synonymous, just as the PC'ers do, so there
is also the possibility that he got his "education" at one of

Something that has long amused me is those who talk to their
god (pray) in King James English, but wouldn't dream of talking
to their friends and family in the same tongue.  I wonder if
god talks King James English.  For that matter, I wonder if god
talks at all.

I ain't heard a word from him, myself.

... "All generalizations are worthless, including this one,"

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