From: Marilyn Burge
To: Brian Huxley
Date: Jan 10 1998 9:17:02 am
Subject: doubting gods. Non biblical evidence?
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BH> The first piece of evidence for God is something we all see every day
BH> when we send an email, write a cheque - it is the date.  Our entire
BH> history is divided between BC & AD, that is before Christ lived, &
BH> after his birth. If the Bible was fake & God just a fairy story, would
BH> such a long lasting global influence have been exherted on our
BH> calender?  What is your opinion?

It isn't global.  The Chinese use a different calendar.  So
do the Jews.  There are others.  The fact that the Church and
State were one explains why the Western Calendar is the way it
is:  Popes and Bishops made secular decisions, including how we
would count time in the Western World.  Study some history.

BH> The second piece of evidence is that which is provided by
BH> archaeologists. I quote from "It Makes Sense", a book by a guy called
BH> Stephen Gaukroger.

BH>   "We have archaeological evidence from as long ago as two thousand
BH> BC, which confirms many of the details given in the Bible - facts
BH> about the city Abraham came from; the unearthing of Soloman's military
BH> installations; inscriptions from the time of Moses; and remarkable
BH> confirmation that the Jews really did go into exile in the sixth
BH> century    BC."

Archaeological evidence of biblical characters does not prove
the existence of any gods.  All those evidences show is that
there were some historical events (earthly in nature) that
were woven into the fables and myths that are recorded in what
you now regard as scripture.

BH> "Scholars had dismissed, for example, John's description of
BH> the pool of Bethesda in chapter 5 of his gospel as "Poetic
BH> Licence", but archaeologists have now excavated the whole
BH> site and discovered all 5 porches and an inscription saying
BH> that the water has healing properties."

So does Lourdes, if you listen to the Catholics.  There is no
empirical evidence to support their position, either.  Showing
the existence of five porches doesn't show the existence of any
gods.  At best, it merely shows that some people who thought
there was a god got some things right.  Does my correctly telling
you that I'm typing this on a Saturday in any way validate every
other declaration I may make?

BH> Donald Wiseman, professor of assyriology at London University writes

BH>     "No fact of archaeology so far discovered contradicts the biblical
BH>      record".

Opinion.  Archaeology does not prove the existence of a god.
It merely proves there were people who thought there wass a god.

BH> If the biblical record is as reliable as it claims, it's
BH> worth looking into. I tell you now that in my opinion, the
BH> bible can stand up to any question asked of it. If there is a
BH> God, and he is as powerful as the bible says he is, then he
BH> too is well able to answer any question asked of him.

Any question?  Try this one.  WHY does Jehovah have such an
ungodly thurst for blood?  WHY does he get away with mass
murders yet punish us for merely thinking about murdering
somebody?  WHY is your god a psychotic?

BH> I look forward to your response.      Have a nice week!!
BH> BTW, I am writing from England, where are you?

Portland, Oregon, USA.

... And on the 8th day God said, "Ok, Murphy, you're in charge."

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