From: Marilyn Burge
To: Curtis Johnson
Date: Jan 13 1998 11:13:10 am
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-n (11 Jan 98) Curtis Johnson babbled to Judith Bandsma...

-=> Quoting Judith Bandsma to Curtis Johnson <=-

CJ> There's actually a name (sorry, can't remember) of the
CJ> man who dreamt that he was a butterfly, then when he woke, asked
CJ> how he could be sure that he wasn't a butterfly dreaming that he
CJ> was a man.

JB> Wasn't that Lao Tse?

CJ>  <Knit brow> I'm pretty sure it's not in _The Way_, and I
CJ>  _think_ the man's name had Sun in it (but I could be wrong). . . .

For some reason, your post makes 'Sun Yat Sen' pop into my mind.
The spelling is phonetical.

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