From: Marilyn Burge
To: Judith Bandsma
Date: Mar 10 1996 8:13:33 am
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On (07 Mar 96) Judith Bandsma wrote to Jim Germiquet...

JG> GREAT MESSAGE and worth quoting for people to read again :-)

JB> And that's what the legislation in Colorado, and proposed in Oregon,
JB> would do. When any one group is singled out like that, and it is
JB> allowed to stand, we are ALL in danger of losing rights that people
JB> have fought and died for.

JB> Who knows...YOU could be next.

Lou just shoved the front page of today's paper under my nose.  I'll
not quote the entire article, but I will quote enough to give you the

Sunday, March 10, 1996, Oregonian, by Mark O'Keefe:


A failed effort to control Oregon Republicans and differences
in political goals split the Christian conservatives.

Lon Mabor surveyed the room of Republican delegates like a general
on a battlefield.  This day, Jan. 7, 1995, his movement was to
seize control of the Oregon GOP, just as Christian conservatives
had done in 18 other states.

With an army of central committee members loyal to his Oregon
Citizens Alliance, Mabon thought he could unseat GOP chairman
Randy Miller, who had refused to endorse the OCA's anti-gay
rights initiative.

John Leon, then the OCA's state coalition director, worked
the crowd with Mabon, making it clear there would be hell
to pay if delegates didn't vote with the forced of

"Threats were being made," Leon said.  "What had been discussed
in staff meetings was that those who didn't go with him would
be taken out next time around.  That's the way Lon does business."

It was to have been the decisive moment of power for Mabon.
Instead, it was the day it all began to unravel.

A year later, the Oregon Citizens Alliance, one of the country's
first and most successful religious-based, grass-roots political
organizations, is on the brink of going out of business, say
Leon and other former members of the OCA inner circle.

Membership has fallen by nearly a third, to 2,500.  Conservative
candidates such as Gordon LSmith, a Pendleton Republican running
for the U.S. Senate, are shunning the OCA's support after accepting
it in the past.  Former OCA insiders are discussing what their
"pro-family movement" will look like after the OCA's death....

[In the article, Lon's former communications director is quoted
as saying] "The demise of the OCA is not murder, it's suicide."

Another fun quote:  "He (Mabon) said, 'God doesn't send two
messages.  I get the message, and if they want to know how
to vote, they should ask me.'  I said, 'Lon, do you know
what you're saying?'  He said, 'Yes."  It was at that moment
that I realized the ability to coalition with the OCA
leadership was over."  Sen. Marylin Shannon, R-Clear Lake

The quote under Lonnie's picture says "'Throughout history, even
in the Scriptures, some of the worst betrayals and hurtful acts
come from people of your own house or closest circle.' Lon Mabon"

So, I guess he sees himself as a kin to Jesus Christ Himself.  <sigh>

This is one funeral I'll attend with a smile on my face.  Good
riddance to bad rubbish.

... Bigamist: A large fog in Venice.

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