From: Marilyn Burge
To: Judith Bandsma
Date: Feb 27 1998 12:43:49 am
Subject: Case #5 3/4
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-n (26 Feb 98) Judith Bandsma babbled to Marilyn Burge...

-=> Quoting Marilyn Burge to Curtis Johnson <=-

MB> When was this Therese chick supposed to have lived?  I doubt
MB> that toothbrushing goes back all that far into the human past.

JB> 20th century...she supposedly weighed in at 200 lbs during WWII after
JB> eating nothing for 30 years. <?>

JB> uh huh! yeppers! right!

I've heard more than one two-ton Tillie claim she ate like a bird
and that it was her metabolism.  I wonder if that is where they
got the story and thought they could make it stick.

... A clash between the Yugo of belief and the Kenworth of reality.

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