From: Marilyn Burge
To: Curtis Johnson
Date: Mar 14 1998 10:22:46 pm
Subject: Star Goat! / Swaggart
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jj> I have to concur on this one, Graham has been one of the
jj> very very few who has made his financial records available
jj> for public scrutiny.

jj> While I don't like the man, and despise some of the
jj> characters he has rubbed elbows with; I'll still give
jj> credit where credit is due.

jj> Graham has been honest about where the money goes.

CJ>  I wonder if our Promise-Keeper Jimbo ever noticed that
CJ>  the Graham organization never needed to charge $60 a head for
CJ>  their stadium events.

Graham founded a fundy organization that requires a
strict accounting of all moneys gathered.  Swaggart
refused to become a member.


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