From: Marilyn Burge
To: David Rice
Date: Jul 16 1994 3:12:44 pm
Subject: what gods?
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On (15 Jul 94) David Rice wrote to Marilyn Burge...

DR> It took me until about age 27 or 28 to realize I'm an adult,
DR> thought even at 34 (currently) I do not act like an adult
DR> some of the time.

I'm 55 and sometimes still forget I'm an adult, let alone middle-

You $40 for yours?  Is it hard-bound?  I got mine through the
Quality Paperback Book Club for a price that I don't recall,
but I think it was a bonus book that ran around $15.00, if you
actually bought it.

Yes, Campbell says myth has value. I'm inclined to agree. But I
think we'd be hard-pressed to incorporate the kinds of myths he's
talking about into our society, given how diverse it is, and how
late one reaches adulthood nowadays, what with college, graduate
school, and the like.  I think we've just about reached the end
of the rope in terms of how late one can actually begin living
the life of an adult.  It's gotten to the point now where people
are long past their peak sexual age before they are economically
able to assume all the trappings and responsibilities of adult-

... Emmanual doesn't pun...he Kant.

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