From: Marilyn Burge
To: Richard Smith
Date: Jan 16 1998 9:04:42 am
Subject: Resist the anti-Christs. . .
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-n (14 Jan 98) Richard Smith babbled to Fredric Rice...

RS>   };> Fredric Rice wrote in a message to Richard Smith <:(

RS>   RS> Has it occurred to anyone that the great alleged healer
RS>   RS> Jesus Christ wasn't able to heal himself?  It DOES give
RS>   RS> entirely new meaning to the term Hand Job . . .
FR> It seems to me there was a 1970's song which covered that
FR> theme, yep. But then the Jesus mythos was supposed to
FR> committ suicide.
RS>   RS> So he just refused to heal himself?  LOL!  Then why
RS>   RS> bitch at everyone for millenia afterwards because he
RS>   RS> wanted to die?
FR> Yeah, it's usually the Christian religionists who
FR> complain about suicide and doctor-assisted suicide as
FR> being wrong some how and yet one of their own gods
FR> committed suicide. Aren't Christians supposedly trying
FR> to be more like their paper idol?

RS>  Hell, I'll even supply free rope so they can emulate Judas . . .

Judas which time?  He offed himself twice, you know.

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