From: Marilyn Burge
To: Laurie Appleton
Date: Feb 7 1999 12:11:10 pm
Subject: Evolution is Mythology.
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I received this hateful and unchristian note from somebody who is
using your logon.  I thought that, being a Christian who believes
in the God of Love, you ought to know so you could investigate and
put a stop to it.

Marilyn Burge
LA>      So THAT is what it is all about eh? Well, I commend and
LA>  praise you for giving such good advice! Funny thing is that
LA>  some christian 'fringe groups' have always urged the same
LA>  advice about smoking to their followers and to legislators
LA>  and the public generally!

LA>     Could your smoking in the past have been partly the
LA>  result of your anti-religious attitudes then? Could it have
LA>  been part of your determination to "do your own thing", no
LA>  matter what your "Betters" urged upon you at the time?

LA>     Seems to me that you might have been much better off if
LA>  you had followed some of those "fringe" religious groups,
LA>  after all! What a tragic price you seem to have paid for
LA>  being so stubborn and headstrong, in your younger days!

LA>     But then again, much of this attitude might have been
LA>  encouraged by the "academic" crowd at the time - the sort
LA>  who claimed that people came from "monkeys"! It sort-of
LA>  makes one angry at such people, even if you don't seem to
LA>  have been able to reach that conclusion yourself - at
LA>  least so far anyway!

LA>  Laurie

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