From: Marilyn Burge
To: David Rice
Date: Jan 30 1994 5:37:04 pm
Subject: Monkey wrenching
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On (28 Jan 94) David Rice wrote to Marilyn Burge...

DR> I understand your reasoning, and I agree with it. The violation
DR> of being denied ones livelyhood by another is very much like
DR> rape. The loss of ones' job by lay-off is very much like losing
DR> ones' family. I do not deny the pain and rage of employees of the
DR> timber industry who have their jobs frigged with.
DR> What are the alternatives? Humanity cannot continue to destroy
DR> what cannot be replaced in less than a thousand years or so. What
DR> happens when life is undesirable because it is dangerous to
DR> breathe? Will future generations look upon us kindly?

Styx has told us that this topic does not belong on this echo.  I am
inclined to agree.  In the spirit of his request, I'll drop the thread.
I have made my point, which was that EVERYTHING in connected.  And when
we "do good" from the standpoint of our own hobby horses, we also do at
least an equal amount of bad to somebody else.  I saw (and see) little
sign that you have thought through the negative aspects of what you are
attempting to achieve, and until you do, you are guilty of doing great
harm to other human beings -- probably as great a harm as the loggers
are doing by cutting old-growth timber.  Until you can spend an equal
amount of time and adrenaline working out an alternative for those you
would displace from their jobs, towns, and homes, what you are doing is
immoral.  We do not live in a binary world.  Everything is complex.
That is why the art of compromise is not only moral, but necessary.  If
we simply ride roughshod over the lives of other in order to achieve
our own goals, we are no better than the political despots we read
about in our history books.

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