From: Marilyn Burge
To: Jesse C. Jones
Date: Jan 4 1994 9:33:16 pm
Subject: Morality
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On (03 Jan 94) Jesse C. Jones wrote to Questor Thews...

JC>      Ah, but most of us even feel some fealty to abstract principles.

JC> Truth is one of them.  Many people, and not just theists, would agree
JC> that "truth" is a value to be cherished and protected even apart from
JC> its utilitarianism?
JC>      Do you disagree?  If so, why?

I have sort of a guideline that I live by (or at least try to).  While
it is only the "first cut" and in no way can be construed as my final
decision regarding the rightness or wrongness of a potential action, it
serves very well as a means to throw out the obviously flawed behavior
before I have time to develop them into more clearly-defined plans.  It
is a very simple question.

Suppose everybody in the world did this thing as a matter of routine.

Would the world be better off, or worse off?

If the answer is "worse off," then there is no way I can justify going
forward with my impulse or plan, except with the very handy cop-out
known as "I wanted to do it."

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