From: Tom Goodman
To: Curtis Johnson
Date: Aug 25 1998 3:04:46 am
Subject: Salt
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CJ>  Serendipitously, the _Parade_ insert to many newspapers
CJ>  has an article on the coming world shortage of water that may
CJ>  interest you.  It had a couple of articles on the problem with
CJ>  Owens Lake, which LA had dried completely, is causing severe
CJ>  problems with wind-blown dust, and for which there is strong
CJ>  demand that LA refill it; LA says it doesn't have the water.

Well.  If the valleey folk don't have enough clout in Washington DC,they
will have a hard time.  But, patience hopefully will claim victory.
In the Owens and Mono areas, you'll notice Death Valley not far away.  The
area is rich in minerals and I suppose someone could mine the place.  But,
the life of our land is water.  The LA Basin being semi-arrid, water makes
life here.  So essentially, most of the water comes in by aqueduct from
the Colorado River and upstate.  There was some talk of getting water from
the Sacramento River Delta.
There is an axiom which seems to apply.  IE:  2 trees in everyones yard
will end smog, for trees are the natural cleaners of the air we breath.
12 small living plants in your home will effectivily cleanse and/or purify
your house air.  (Or so I read.)  It is known and proven that in all areas
where the trees and vegetation are removed wholesale, the average temperature
goes up and the moisture content/rain fall go down.  Summertime in Los Angeles
at mid day is horrible.
I do believe that if LA went back to basic water conservation without all
the policing and such, we could cut off much of the need for water from
the Owens Valley.
When I think of former hey-ho Gov Jerry Brown, all I can remember is his
suggestion to conserve water by putting a brick in the Toilet Tank. 8-)
(There were reports of devotees who didn't quite listen and sorta bombed
their toilet bowl.  <g>
So Cal has really no excuse really.  JPL and/or Cal-Tech have suggested
systems for seawater de-salinization at a low cost, but no one is interested.
Saudi Arabia uses de-salinized water for their most part and it works well.
I think I will force myself to make my own high volume water treatment system
for my home eventually.  Our town uses "Aquafer Water"!
SO we get a lot of disolved salts, nitrates, calciums, etc in the water.
We can look at some of the minerals at Owens and Mono, and we can suspect
what we are drinking.
I do think that that will be a next major field of employment and definite
urgent need.  Without water quality in So Cal, we thirst and waste.
Believe it or not, if they don't pump enough fresh water into parts of Huntington
Lake, there is a great seepage of salt water from the ocean less than 15
miles away.
Thank you for speaking openly about this very serious social problem which
will come to us in the near future, barring good rain and snowfall.  8-)
Shalom & Maranatha
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