From: Tom Goodman
To: Curtis Johnson
Date: Aug 19 1998 4:35:30 am
Subject: Salt
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Your correct about Mono Lake.  Mulholland pretty much raped the Valley water
resources up there.  They just went to a low point and started the pumps
till they had a good syphon going.  From then on, all water seeking equilibrium
in the area flowed to the LA Basin's (MWD).
Many decades ago, I worked in freshwater and sewage treatment systems and
design and it was incredible the number of process stations they had to
use.  But, I was just a plebe then.
Mono is very very slowly coming back, but so is the brine concentration.
It'll be 20 year before they can use it safely.  Plenty property up there
for sale. <g>
Heuell Hauser has a series called "California's Gold" in which he does videos
of areas up and down the state.  The Mono Lake Video was particularly interesting.

Mulholland was a hero in those days.  Not so much anymore.  The LA Basin
was a big money area that tookk advantage of the areas with less money.
Mono still gets a lot of trucked in water & some small piplining.

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