Six Messages Dated January 2004

I Am Still Lurking
Indeed (GDR) Perhaps they do! There's another way to express it though. "HAHA" but takes one more letter to type, you see. In teleconference/chat people hate to have to type more than they do. It just gets in the way. All those extra letters. I must say though my daughter's chat style (we sometimes do chat in ICQ with her on the other puter)- has improved a great deal over the years. There are smileys now to convey emotions. Some

Atheists Doing Good Work [1]
Bias. Sue pointed out to you the reason you aren't seeing the definition given to you by several atheists and one agnostic here is because you're not reading what you want to read. Do you want us to lie? Sorry. I can't do that. There are 'types' of everything Jimmy. If atheists kept asking you to define Theism and you said a dozen times over and over: "belief in a god or gods" but the atheists refused to accept

I Am Still Lurking

The Holy Playstation
When used as bait to bring newbies into the church, it has as much to do with religion as does attempting to terrify them with unfounded stories about after death tortures. See Jack Chick publications for the methodology.

Atheists Doing Good Work
Some folks claim that NASA landed a man on the Moon. Obviously, the so-called Moon landings were all faked, being that there is no proof or evidence that man has ever set foot on the Moon. And now President Bush wants to do it all over again. Only that instead of just going to the Moon, Bush wants to make a new production of Capricorn One by going onward to Mars. Except that O.J. Simpson will not be the main

I Am Still Lurking
know, l Cosb Theophobia would be fear of theology. Not quite the same thing as fear of God. After all, who ever heard of a theosexual? --Lee